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Board Application


Responsibilities And Expectations

Attendance and Participation:
The Board will hold quarterly in-person meetings. Additional conference calls may be scheduled intermittently throughout the year. In-person meetings last approximately 3-4 hours and include lunch. Conference calls will be 15 minutes to 1 hour.

• Meeting Attendance: In the event of absence, members must notify President or President-Elect in writing. (Bylaws 2.7)
• Participation: Board members are expected to be actively involved in the activities of the Trail Region and serve on one or more of the standing committees or project task force groups.
• Regional Activities: Occasionally activities may arise which involve the Forest Trail organization as either an organizer, sponsor, or other supporter. The active participation and attendance of board members at such events is strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Fiscal Responsibility:
The Texas Forest Trail Region is jointly funded through an annual grant from the Texas Historical Commission and monies raised through the Region-wide Partner/Membership Program. Each director should also be actively involved in fundraising activities for the region, through personal phone calls and visits with community leaders and other efforts as appropriate. Specific tasks to insure financial solvency may be delegated to board members at the discretion of the Board President.

Operations and Governance:
The Texas Forest Trail Region organization relies on active involvement of the board to:
• Set policy for the region
• Manage the legal obligations and business of the organization
• Maintain ownership and accountability in development and performance of the regional work plan
• Hire, evaluate, support, and appropriately compensate the Executive Director
• Recruit qualified new members to improve quality of organization.

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Mission Statement

The Texas Forest Trail Region is a network of partners working together to foster regional economic development by promoting heritage tourism and the preservation of cultural and historic resources.