Economic Impact

The 35-county Texas Forest Trail Region features rich heritage, diverse culture, and unforgettable history, including four Texas Historical Commission state historic sites. Travel and tourism are vital to the Texas economy, and the Forest Trail Region is no exception. In 2019, direct travel spending in the Forest Trail Region accounted for roughly $3.5 billion of the overall $82.9 billion spent by visitors to the state.

Visiting historic sites, communities, and museums is a significant component of the state's and region's travel industry. A 2015 study by the University of Texas at Austin and Rutgers University determined that more than 10.5% of all travel in Texas is heritage-related.
Source: Dean Runyan and Associates, Travel Texas, August 2020
For more information, contact the Forest Trail Region at or the Heritage Tourism Program at the Texas Historical Commission at

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The Texas Forest Trail Region is a 35 county area of East Texas and one of 10 designated heritage tourism regions in the State of Texas. 
Our purpose is to foster economic development by preserving and promoting Texas’ unique history and culture.
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